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Post Mortem & Save this Film

BURN Xpktro GzN
Posted on 18 September 19 at 16:53
[cn The name says it all.

I am in a crusade to get my last two achievements for this beloved game.

Anyone interested in helping you or if you need them as well feel free to reach out as i am willing to reward anyone that is willing to assist.

Event is happening on this Saturday Sept 21th.

Halo 3 DLC's are free now .

Currently have three friends on board to help me with this, but will need more.

Gtag: BURN Xpktro GzN.

Thank you.
Reborn Insanity
Posted on 18 September 19 at 19:02
It seems you just registered today so let me be the first to say hello and welcome to the site! wave

One of the key features here at TrueAchievements is Boosting Sessions. You can create these with a set time and date and list the achievements you are aiming to obtain and other users can join in or show interest. If you follow this link you'll find full instructions on how to create a session: How to Create and Join Gaming Sessions on TrueAchievements

Good luck with your Halo 3 completion!
See You Space Cowboy...
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