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Hiding type news we're not interested in?

Posted on 20 September 19 at 13:12
Hello everyone,

True Achievements is a very cool site. But I don't think (lots of) people use it at 100%, needing every features, reading ALL the articles in the main page, etc. So why not make it possible to hide article kinds we don't want to see?

For myself, I NEVER read 'Achievement List Revealed' ones. And we know there are TONS of them, like right know (September 20th, 3:10pm), with not less than 7 articles of this type in a row!

I don't care about those subjects and some others, so why must I see them? Making possible for each one of us to choose what to see or not in the news page should be a very good idea.

Maybe letting a thin line with just the title of the article, instead of nothing if hidden, could be a solution. But again, not everything in the news interests me, and I'm sick of being obliged to see them anyway.

We can show/hide stuff in our profile pages, why not applying it to the news section too?

Thanks for reading me.
Posted on 20 September 19 at 16:22
We could hope for tons of features to the site, these ones in particular would be great additions.
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