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Buggy Game/Achievement banner across top of Achievements page

Ashen Seraph
Ashen Seraph
Posted on 21 September 19 at 09:19
I understand why this ( Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition - Achievement Flag submissions ) is done and generally approve. However, I have issue with the placement of those warning messages (and to a lesser degree the specificity of them).

I've got a pretty long friends list here. In and of itself takes up more than the entire length of my screen. This ends up pushing the left side info box well off the bottom of the screen when first looking at the achievements for a game. If I'm quickly scrolling through achievements trying to get a feel for them, quite frankly, I'm not likely to think to check the sidebar while paying attention to the descriptions and flags of achievements. I'm certainly not going to be paying attention to a blue box surrounded by the sea of blue and green boxes that is the left sidebar unless I just happen to really be paying attention.

So I guess my wish is 3-fold, in order of personal importance:

1. If a game warrants one of those sidebar boxes, could a box also be thrown front and center at the top of the achievements page?
2. Could the text in those boxes clearly state if it is the whole game that is problematic in unlocking achievements (e.g. Borderlands: GOTY and Just Cause 4) or if it is only specific achievements?
3. Could those boxes be recolored to something less likely to be drowned out in a group of blue and green icons? Preferably a more hostile in nature / standard for warnings color such as red, orange, or yellow?
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