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What does luck do?

Posted on 21 September 19 at 16:40
I've seen online many different answers of what luck does. Some players say it only affects escape efficiency, or better items in chests, or even both. Does anyone know what it actually does?
New Paralyzer
New Paralyzer
Posted on 21 September 19 at 17:43
You have a 4% chance to escape off the hook yourself.

Increased luck raises it but I don't know to what percentage based on offering. It was something like a 1/2/3% increase based on the offering . Usually when someone has Up the Ante or burns a Luck offering I'll try to jump off the hook as my chance is slightly greater.

Escaping the Trappers bear trap also is luck based. It's pure RNG when you'll be able to fee yourself. You can get it first try or 10th try.

No idea what luck percentages are on Bear Traps.

It does NOT affect chests. It ONLY affects an action that can fail. So if everyone burns a luck offering your chances of escaping is way higher. The highest you can possible push it is to 48% because I believe you can have everyone run Up the Ante.
Posted on 21 September 19 at 17:53
Thanks a lot, I figured it was actions that can fail but wasn't sure about the chests. The littlest details in this game are worth figuring out, they help towards grinding out these achievements.
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