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Breaking the limit achievement not unlocking

  • Sidarthur87Sidarthur87289,697
    Posted on 21 September 19 at 20:05, Edited on 21 September 19 at 20:41 by Sidarthur87Permalink
    So recently I’ve tried to unlock the breaking the limit achievement, but I’ve been unable to do so. This is the one you’re required to land a rush assassination that chains 4 times. I’ve followed the solutions here on TA and videos on YouTube and still nothing. So I just wanna know if anyone had experienced any issues with this achievement and maybe could give me a tip on how to unlock it. Thanks
  • Posted on 30 September 19 at 07:01Permalink
    The chain must kill all 4 targets. Equip gear to increase assassin damage. After that go to where the guide tells you. Got this my 2nd try as the targets were killed. Hope this helps.
    Xbox Ambassodor
  • Sidarthur87Sidarthur87289,697
    Posted on 02 October 19 at 03:29Permalink
    Thanks DarkKnightKefka, unfortunately no achievement after following your advice. I equipped gear to increase my assassin damage and made sure I killed all 5 guys in the chain (while wielding the pride of the lion sword) and nothing happened. I´m starting to think this achievement might just glitched on me.
  • Posted on 07 October 19 at 00:44Permalink
    Did you insta kill and not get spotted? Hope it works.
    Xbox Ambassodor
  • Sidarthur87Sidarthur87289,697
    Posted on 08 October 19 at 05:42Permalink
    It finally popped! I had to actually start over the game but managed to get it first try during this new playthrough.
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