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ODST Audiolog not responding

Posted on 21 September 19 at 21:51
I just started ODST recently and I'm working on the audiologs. I've heard of them being glitchy, so I tried to go in order of a solution. However, the 2nd terminal on the list didn't pop the achievement for me:

I interacted with this same terminal, and I heard the dialogue, but no achievement. I quit the game to try it again, and now I can't interact with the terminal at all. No idea how to fix this, or if I'm just dumb and I'm missing something.

I've collected other terminals in the game, and they've all worked fine so far. But I can't get that one to pop and I can't get the terminal to play the dialogue again. So does anyone know if I'm screwed for this achievement? Any help would be great!
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Posted on 27 September 19 at 05:18
Hhile in this account I never had any problems,I took them all at once. My friend has a similar problem to yours, the latest audiolog does not appear in the iced door, despite having taken them in a row.The tmcc is known for synchronization problems, so the best way every time is to try to reset the achievement in some way and try to do it again.
There are not many alternative ways.
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