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Information Posted on 22 September 19 at 11:24
Mental Knight 5 has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for Jump Force Achievements:

Mental Knight 5 said:
Jump ForceOur BondsThe Our Bonds achievement in Jump Force worth 228 pointsFought other players online 100 or more times.

According to the flags, this is an entirely Single Player Offline game, and that doesn't seem to the be case at all. Can someone please redo the whole thing, this is waaaay off. Or explain it to me.

Posted on 23 September 19 at 12:09
Thank you for the submission Mental Knight 5. We have changed the flags on most of the achievements in the game. In case you spot any other wring flags, please let us know.
Mental Knight 5
Posted on 24 September 19 at 01:48
VERRRY well done, thank you!
Information Posted on 29 September 19 at 07:51
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