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Frag Kills

Wise Owl 2000
Wise Owl 2000
Posted on 22 September 19 at 21:55, Edited on 22 September 19 at 21:55 by Wise Owl 2000
I'm looking to work on the "Frag Body Count" medal. (Kill 250 Enemies with Frag Grenades)

Are there any tips on boosting this medal or any of the others?
Arran R W
Arran R W
Posted on 22 September 19 at 22:18
There's a guide on the General Rank achievement
Posted on 23 September 19 at 02:56
I haven't referred to the guide Arran mentioned but this is the method I used and recommend.

To answer your question: JD, Marcus, and Fahz all are able to buy frags in horde mode. The way I did it was while working on other kill medals as Marcus I would buy the frags and throw one into a group of enemies near the end of the wave when they grouped up (works best on lower waves)

But don't throw both frags, otherwise you can't replenish your supply at an ammo box. Always keep 1 frag in your inventory or you'll have to buy a new set at the fabricator.

The Ultimate Edition Sarah Connor character may also make this method more efficient as she has skill cards that increase her frag damage and capacity. Though you'd be wasting time you could be using to level up actual horde characters instead.

Hope this helps, might as well check that guide to and see if they suggest something even better.
Posted on 23 September 19 at 12:23
My method was:

Load up Escape on the Hive.
Go to all 3 loot rooms before the first scion and get both grenades.
Fight your way through to the same room.
Upon leaving the safe room a random set of enemies will spawn. You want the 15 juvies to spawn, toss both nades.
Press start and restart act.
If you do not get the juvies first try, you have to go back to lobby and re-do the first part.
Posted on 23 September 19 at 15:14
Just load up a private horde match on wave 36 or something and buy & spam grenades with the fabricator power you are given to start with. Once out of power, exit and reload match. It look me like 30 minutes to do the medal this way.
QUAKE 4 Number One GRAW Solo Number OneT
Posted on 23 September 19 at 20:26
Playing Sarah Connor would be a good method. It takes little time to level up Sarah Connor to level 2. Her level 2 card increases her grenade capacity by 1 and by 1+ for each level you have on it. Once you have that card on Sarah each time you buy frags from the fabricator you get 3 as opposed to 2. Ideally you want to play only the first ten waves of Horde without the enemies have more health modifier. Also frag tagging Scions will kill them.
On the other hand, the other grenade skill card she has is frag damage + radius increase. That's a level 8 skill card unlock and I got the frag kills medal while my Sarah was level 6 so that card is not worth going for. Plus, in the future if there is a medal for getting kills with shocks or incens you can use Sarah again as the grenade capacity skill card is not limited to frags.
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