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BL3 - Need Help!!!

The1 N8theGreat
Posted on 23 September 19 at 06:58
I've been playing for over a week now. Today was the first issue I have noticed. I got kicked from the game and didn't really think anything of it. When I returned to my bank to drop off weapons - everything was gone. I lost my butcher and face puncher. Can anyone help me???? Anyone else have this issue?
Gleaming Cube
Gleaming Cube
Posted on 23 September 19 at 08:26
It's a known issue...

Warning -- You can lose all your banked items!

I don't know how or if you'll be able to get anything back. I think it's related to a problem with cloud saves so i wouldn't hold out much hope.
Posted on 24 September 19 at 00:10
The game is super glitchy. I would suggest keeping things on you unless you plan to move it to a 2nd character, and then moving it immediately so the bank doesn't eat them.
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The1 N8theGreat
Posted on 28 September 19 at 18:08
Thanks, gearbox and 2k are working on it. I'm not holding out much hope. Since we can dupe on any system, Could someone please send me a face puncher?
Posted on 28 September 19 at 20:36
game is super glitchy. my eridium went from 2000+ to 1500 randomly.. xp reset from 75% of level to an empty bar today along with guardian rank xp. load times are insane.

i restart my xbox completely now and then cause i think it somehow will make the interface / fps problems go away.

looking forward to quality of life improvements patched in.
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