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Levelling Up Priorities

ttfp saylow
ttfp saylow
Posted on 23 September 19 at 08:14, Edited on 23 September 19 at 08:14 by ttfp saylow
At the beginning, everything seemed so cheap to level up, I went all crazy with no strategy! Now I've hit the stage where I need to think carefully where to spend the coins. I know it's not a simple binary choice but I think it boils down to "Do I…?"

A) Spend it immediately on any pins, regardless of them in my lineup or not, so my main character and outposts can level up.
B) Wait longer and spend it on the pins in my lineup - generally need a couple thousand at least per upgrade.

What are your strategies?
Bastian Reader
Posted on 23 September 19 at 08:38
You should only upgrade pins that you know you will use. Also keep in mind that there is an achievement for leveling up a pin to level 20 which will require a lot of coins.
Phil the Bear
Phil the Bear
Posted on 23 September 19 at 11:04
What they said

If you don’t intend on using real money don’t level up something unless you want it in your deck essentially.

That doesn’t mean you won’t change up your strategy. But if you do you can level it up then.
Posted on 23 September 19 at 11:11
Pin level > character level

Find a team that works for you and focus on that first. You'll win more that way and then you can use any excess to level up other pins as you'll hit a point where it isn't viable to level up your main pins anymore as the coin cost gets crazy.
Too many games not enough time
Posted on 23 September 19 at 20:06
I used to upgrade everything, and in some ways it helped because sometimes I've won matches narrowly with less than 50 energy in one turret. But mainly because when my squad wasn't working anymore and I tried new pins, they were at a decent level already. Now that I just got to level 12 and most of my common pins are in the 10-11 range, I focus in my current squad.
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