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Career Mode - how to move up racing divisions

  • JTortoJTorto273,431
    Posted on 24 September 19 at 15:00Permalink
    Having trouble advancing my career mode past the WRC Junior class (where I started). I won 1st place in Season one, and when contract renewal time came up, I was only offered WRC Junior team contracts again. So I ran a 2nd season in WRC Juniors, won again, and the same thing happened. Anybody know how I can move up to a higher class from Junior? Do I need to be a certain level (I'm at Level 28 right now)?
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    I had this issue. It's not related to performance during that season _at all_. You can skip every rally and still move up.

    You need to complete the manufacturer events in between the rallies to advance. I don't remember exactly what they are called, but one of the manufacturer events improves your reputation with the team, and there is another that instantly earns you a drive with the new team if you beat the target time.

    To progress faster, just skip every event, including rally stages, and only complete manufacturer events. You'll still earn some cash and XP, and it won't take long until you are able to move up.
  • JTortoJTorto273,431
    Posted on 25 September 19 at 14:39Permalink
    Yes, thank you! I just found this out myself, midway through my 3rd WRC Junior season, and Ford gave me one of those 'Manufacturer Tryouts'. Hit the time, and sure enough, I was immediately able to accept a contract offer to move up to WRC 2 Pro.
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