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  • Posted on 26 September 19 at 03:56Permalink
    iMaginaryy has just submitted some Game Info for Torment: Tides of Numenera Achievements.

    These changes are for All Regions.

    Display Name change from Torment: Tides of Numenera to Numenera**fill

    iMaginaryy said:
    Another one of these, the other I reported got fixed so I'll hope for the same here:

    This is incorrectly labeled as Xbox Game Pass, as others have noted in the forum. It's also not even labeled as Xbox Game Pass for PC either.


    REMOVE "Xbox Game Pass" tag, as it is not available through Game Pass on the Xbox.
    ADD "Xbox Game Pass for PC" tag, as it is available on the PC, albeit without achievements currently.

    It is also not Xbox Play anywhere or anything like that, so there is absolutely no reason for the Xbox Game Pass tag.

    Also may be wise to find some way to rework and clarify the above categories such as the redundant but effective "Xbox Game pass for Xbox" although I recommend just leaving it as "Xbox Game Pass"
    but change "Xbox Game Pass for PC" to just "Game Pass for PC" possibly.
    Or, the even better and more clear and consistent: "Game Pass for Xbox" and "Game Pass for PC".
  • JudgeJudge409,440
    Posted on 09 October 19 at 15:10Permalink
    Hello iMaginaryy and thank you for the submission. We have verified that this is not available on Console Game Pass and have therefore removed it. We will not be adding a Game Pass PC tag since that version is separate and does not have an achievement list. Thanks again toast
  • JudgeJudge409,440
    Posted on 13 October 19 at 14:18Permalink
    Hello reforc3 and thanks for the submission. This is not available for Console game pass, and the PC game pass version does not have achievements. Therefore, there is nothing to update with this game page at this time. Thanks again toast
  • Posted on 13 October 19 at 14:39Permalink
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