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Gears 3 Had More TA Players than Gears 5 in its Launch Week

  • CanezzaCanezza54,391
    Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:02Permalink
    Gears 5 didn't top our chart in terms of number of players, even with it in Xbox Game Pass

    Please click here to read the story: Gears 3 Had More TA Players than Gears 5 in its Launch Week
    Poll: Did you play Gears 5 in its launch week?
    • 49.6% - Yes - via Xbox Game Pass
    • 5.6% - Yes - via pre-order
    • 0.9% - Yes - picked it up after launch
    • 29.1% - No - No interest in Gears
    • 7.1% - No - Will wait for a sale
    • 2.3% - No - early access connection problems put me off
    • 5.3% - Other - Let us know!

    We had 2,964 responses to the poll.
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  • mitch afcamitch afca192,639 192,639 GamerScore
    Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:07Permalink
    playing it now with the 2 dollar ultimate gamepass deal feeling like a lucky man
  • z0rrofoxz0rrofox287,855
    Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:08Permalink
    I'm still unable to play it unfortunately. It was grand for the first week but now whenever I log into a multiplayer game, I either get removed from Gears of War service immediately or I get a ping of over 400 and rubber band all over the place. No response from TC yet on my help request
  • Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:09Permalink
    Loved Gears 3, though I think Gears 2 had my favorite campaign. I still haven’t tried Gears 5, though I might put it on an alt first.
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  • Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:11Permalink
    Think the campaign is fantastic so far, hope to finish it this weekend. The multiplayer is fun too, my friends aren’t good at Gears, and I don’t have the reflexes for wall bouncing these days, so Arcade is a great addition for us to play. Bravo Rod and the team!
  • Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:13Permalink
    Honestly, I played the first Gears game for about 10 minutes, and haven't touched the series since.
    I'll definitely go through them all at somepoint, but it likely won't be happening any time soon.
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  • Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:19, Edited on 27 September 19 at 14:19 by SantaUndercoverPermalink
    Makes sense, end of trilogy versus another game in the never ending franchise.
    Good to see that the GamePass is having a positive effect on the number of people playing.
  • Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:22Permalink
    Pretty simple, Gears 3 was excellent and Gears 5 is trash.....
  • Rista BRista B489,043
    Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:24Permalink
    "Other" No, but I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually.
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  • Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:24Permalink
    My friends and I loved gears 1-3...but all those hours of grinding cause were completionists completely turned us off to playing judgement and 4-5. It’s really unfortunate.
  • BalnazzardBalnazzard116,950
    Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:29, Edited on 27 September 19 at 14:30 by BalnazzardPermalink
    Well I think its only logical if you think how more many Xbox 360 owners there were back in 2011 than Xbone owners today....and even though ofc the game was available on PC as well through GamePass and Steam, Gears ofc has never been that popular franchise on PC, unlike for example Halo that seems to have much bigger fanbase on PC than Gears.

    Also Gears 3 was ofc the climax of the trilogy and just like with Halo, many kind of lost interest after Halo 3 or at least after Halo Reach when the developers behind the franchise changed, so I think same happened with Gears. Also while Gears 4 and 5 might have been good games, they arent much beyond that, and thus only attract the core fans of the franchise, but beyond that they did not really excite people.

    I think the "glory days" of Gears are behind for good, but I do hope that Halo is able to make big comeback with Halo Infinite.
  • XboxAnimatedXboxAnimated571,028
    Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:29Permalink
    Gears 3 is where Epic left it and where it needed to end. With the Coilition a pendulum war prequel or a "GEARS" overwatch style thing would of been enough for me. Gears 4 campaign felt clunky, unoriginal and a desperate cash grab to bring to life a series which had an amazing climax.

    I have not played 5 yet due to sheer lack of interest. Escape looks like a one hit wonder worth while of a single campaign mission, not a whole mode. Horde looks the same as 4 but with character bonus's (not really positive or negative really) and the campaign seems a little to female empowerment for me with what appears to be a Kait focus (again not played so I could be completely wrong).
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  • DrNefarioDrNefario143,266
    Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:39Permalink
    There were three main reasons why I didn't play it:

    1 - I didn't have space to download it

    2 - I haven't played Gears 4 yet. (I partly agree with TheGearGuardian - has any franchise been better after the original developers left?)

    3 - I was still in the GTASC at the time and didn't want the decay. :)

    Number 1 is the main reason.
  • J4CKA1J4CKA1196,253
    Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:44Permalink
    I'd love to see a poll on how many people "Wouldn't have played Gears 5 if they didn't have a free year of Ultimate"
  • HolodroneHolodrone429,046
    Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:45Permalink
    This is sort of redundant if you're not including the early access figures.

    Microsoft's declaration that you refer to - "the biggest launch week of any Xbox Game Studios title this generation" - was based on the 7 days from 6th September, not the 10th.
  • Toca1FTWToca1FTW268,264
    Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:48Permalink
    I'm not into GoW anyway, I find the campaigns excessively long and boring. The camera movement also makes me feel ill.

    I have started 5 now only for some easy GP Quest points, although I will do more in the future.

    A lot of people will have delayed starting due to the problems, but some, like me, will have not wanted to play first week or two due to GTASC decay.
  • aphexbraphexbr113,410
    Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:49Permalink
    Note: These figures do not include Gears 5's early access launch figure. The "day one" count for Gears 5 starts on September 10th.
    So, you're not counting me, then? I played the day it came up on Game Pass, was enjoying it until I noticed that collectables weren't counting like they should and after getting booted when I tried multiplay I decided to give it a week before diving back in (after which, thankfully, all my progress had been updated correctly).

    For the record - I also didn't play GoW 3 until after that was on GwG, so I'm not counted in either chart.
  • Boots OrionBoots Orion663,530
    Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:54Permalink
    Rista B said:
    "Other" No, but I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually.
    Same. The voting options for No are a bit too limiting.
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  • Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:56Permalink
    Gears was hot then and was my favourite game I remember racing to get home from high school to play it the wait for release was unbearable
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 27 September 19 at 14:57, Edited on 27 September 19 at 14:59 by Permalink
    Won't be playing it even on GP. Gears 4 was made for high school kids with some of the cheesiest "I'm supposed to give a fuck but don't" moments in the first act plus goddamn robots. Put me off the series completely. Unless Cliffy B comes out of retirement and works on the game Gears is dead to me. And those seriously Achievements can fuck right off.
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