Game Discussion: Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Anybody want to blast through Halo 3 on legendary in 3 hours?

  • XboxoholicXboxoholic264,431
    Posted on 29 September 19 at 14:18Permalink
    Looking for at least one other person to do H3 on legendary with. Aiming for the 3 hours achievement and par times. Not really interested in MLG speedrunning strats, as we can just brute force it.
  • Jacob1487Jacob1487113,004
    Posted on 30 September 19 at 20:47Permalink
    I have a few levels left to do for this, if we can get others I don't mind doing this together.
  • XboxoholicXboxoholic264,431
    Posted on 30 September 19 at 21:02Permalink
    Yeah sounds good, what country you in? Asking for ping etc
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