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Acurate Bob
Acurate Bob
Posted on 01 October 19 at 09:32
So im still playing Widlands and I'm still loving it. Mostly due to Ghost mode. If you're unfamiliar its the mode where its hardcore. Where your save will delete upon death. Where you will lose whatever bullets you had in the clip left when you reload. Where you simply cannot mess up.

So when I finally got to play Breakpoint I was excited for it. I had the week off work, not on purpose but just happend that way. Then I played it. And I fricking hated it.

To me this is not a Ghost Recon game. This is The Division in the wilderness. I hated that they went with the loot system. The level 1 helmet has better armour but the level 2 has better sight bollocks. The whole thing just reaks of division. Can you guess i am not a fan of that either. The otherthing is the situation where you find yourself seeing the "red elite" tags on enemies, which translated means this zone is too hard for you, go way until you find better gear. This annoyed me so much in Origins and Odyssey, but in an Ghost Recon game THAT SHOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM.

They are supposed to be out gunned, surrounded and need a way out. Adding insta-downer enemies, and robots of all things, urgh, and just because they are elite, doesn't add difficultiy. It's just annoying. Its pretty much the game telling you that you shouldn't be bere yet.

The most annoying thing to me however. Is that Wildlands is such a brilliant game. To me it was a neigh on perfect open world with mates kinda game. Literally the whole map was available from the start, even if you might be able to survive or not, even if you know that this entire area is coated in AA and Unidad. Even if you just need that ACR and want to bounce out. Thats completely up to your stealth skills. But if you do fire, do not miss, ot ethey will bring down a world of hurt on you, and on Ghost mode, thats exhilarating.

All of that is completely missing from Breakpoint. Thats what annoys me. The lack of true suspense not really knowing if you can win the fight you might not even want.
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