Game Discussion: Dark Messiah: Might and Magic Elements

Funny moments

  • FreysiFreysi235,858
    Posted on 01 October 19 at 21:44
    This one is causing me some pain. I'm following all the advice, sneak, make sure to not alert, stand directly behind, don't let other goblins see you, reload if they say something while kicking. But it just won't pop. Does it all have to be in one go without saving? If I get 2 good kicks and save, then try a third and reload, do I still have my 2 good kicks? Does the achievement pop as soon as the 5th kick is good, or is it delayed?

    Unlikely anyone will see this, but I'm desperate.
  • FreysiFreysi235,858
    Posted on 03 October 19 at 07:39
    It finally popped. I had given up, reloaded my last save, and was just going to continue on with the game. I decided to do one last goblin for good measure and the achievement popped instantly. As soon as I had kicked the goblin. Didn't have to wait until a checkpoint, didn't even wait until the goblin died, it popped as he was in the air. So in case anyone else is having the same trouble, just keep at it.
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