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Looking for help - raid bosses

  • Posted on 02 October 19 at 02:26Permalink
    Hi all
    Im determined to 100% finish all games in the series before starting BL3. I have smashed out normal made but when I imported, some achievements remained locked. I’m looking for help to defeat raid bosses to help me finish the last 3 achievements. I am level 56 (ish) with decent gear, but still need help to finish this up please.
  • Posted on 03 October 19 at 22:17Permalink
    Message me on LIVE and I will jump on and help. I play offline so message me even if i'm not showing online and we can play or setup a time. Shouldn't take long at all as long as you have the areas unlocked already.
  • Posted on 05 October 19 at 01:18Permalink
    Thanks Senor Slurpee 2. Much appreciated
    Posted on 07 October 19 at 02:55, Edited on 07 October 19 at 02:55 by GRAND NOBLEPermalink
    I'm level 80, OP10.

    If anyone wants help, msg me on TA. We can set up a session here on TA.
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