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    Posted on 03 October 19 at 20:34
    Please use this thread to discuss the One Night Stand walkthrough
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  • Sol76Sol76932,206
    Posted on 02 November 19 at 12:31
    Is there some sort of randomness present in this game ? I’ve had multiple times when I followed a guide exactly word by word and not get the ending expected. As an example , when asked her to play a song for me on the guitar , she refused and said that it was not the right time for that now even though I gave her the exact questions / answers as in the guide.
  • SnipedByAGir1SnipedByAGir12,369,930
    Posted on 05 January 20 at 05:22
    I did not find any randomness. I played through it several times as well on alt accounts and the endings popped up when they should have.
  • FiveWizzFiveWizz464,423
    Posted on 16 January 20 at 10:20
    Is there a formatting issue for the screenshots etc for anyone else. I'm on internet explorer and all the images/screens are huge and don't fit on the page and therefore can't be seen.
  • ShinnizleShinnizle1,340,134
    Posted on 16 January 20 at 21:53
    That's Internet Explorer for you laugh I've just tested it at work, and they appear fine on Chrome, but I see the same behavior as you when I try them on Internet Explorer.
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  • FiveWizzFiveWizz464,423
    Posted on 20 January 20 at 13:41
    oh damn haha. ok good to know. I haven't started it yet but plan to. damn IE.
  • Nessies LairNessies Lair834,622
    Posted on 03 February 20 at 14:16
    Just wanted to say excellent walkthrough, everything unlocked when it should have, made this a super quick completion, many thanks, great work clap
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  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm512,264
    Posted on 10 March 20 at 15:50
    Great walkthrough & I thanked the author. The first time I played it I did not use a guide. I got all the achievements except for:
    One Night StandGood nightThe Good night achievement in One Night Stand worth 134 pointsYou receive another message from Gary.

    The icon did not appear at the bottom of the phone when I completed the 12 endings. I figured it was a glitch. I deleted the saves, uninstalled the game, reinstalled it, and played it again. This time, I used the walkthrough using it for the 12 endings. It took me about 20 minutes to zip thru the game. When I got the 12th ending, the icon appeared at the bottom of the phone and I got the last remaining achievement without issue. The first time I played, it took me just over two hours to investigate all branches & all items.
  • FiveWizzFiveWizz464,423
    Posted on 29 March 20 at 21:55
    Thanks for the walkthrough. Worked perfectly.

    My true detective achievement also only popped when I selected the jeans on playthrough #14.

    Weird. As I had definitely selected all items before that.
  • zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzzDrUnKeNMoNkEyz1,330,853
    Posted on 20 July 21 at 09:28
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