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Where i can farm elite drones?

l Concetto18 l
Posted on 05 October 19 at 16:00
I have a dialy challenge its kill 90 elite drones. where i can farm it?
EveryBody Lies
Posted on 05 October 19 at 16:53
In Horde mostly encounters at wave 6 - 10.. or some in escape maps too...
Posted on 05 October 19 at 17:49
Escape, the mines, safe room on the right. Lot of elites
Posted on 05 October 19 at 18:01
just spam the hell of wave 10..usually around 7 to 10 elites spawn at it..i did mine this way, just keep dying with the boss and u can get those 90 in under than 10 minutes
Have no fear, Amjad is here
Posted on 09 October 19 at 19:14
The new Escape map Surge is a good place to farm Elite Drones. Run it on Beginner, its short if you want/need to do multiple escape matches. Takes me 3-4 minutes solo to get through the whole thing on Beginner.

In the second part, right after the safe room, there are a number of Elite Drones in the rooms and once you finish them when you close the door, more will spawn. These are the only enemies in the second part on Beginner and I was getting 15-17 per run.

You can die at the end and reload in the safe room and keep farming them.

I normally just keep playing escape matches, as normally when I get that daily challenge to kill Elites, its paired with "play X escapes" or "survive X escape chapters".
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