Game Discussion: Gears POP!

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    Posted on 12 October 19 at 09:25Permalink
    Lambent Lail said:
    jan0bi said:
    I've fought both Blowfish666 and Lambent, who are both level 19 and have level 20 pins. Blowfish blew me away pretty quickly, and Lambent was levelling down I think as he didn't put any pins on the board.

    Still trying to make the Gold League :/
    Actually, I haven't maxed any Common Pins to level 20 yet. Oddly enough, my 3 maxed Pins at the moment are two Rares and one Epic. And yeah, if I don't play anything on the field, I'm de-ranking, or possibly not paying attention laugh

    I'll try to remember your name if I see you and let you win to help with Gold. Honestly, when I am actually playing, I feel really badly about it, but with the damn win-streak of 5 in a row, the devs have created an incentive for high level players to derank and smash people just for a gold box and thumpers warning
    Thanks lambent that’s very nice of you. I’ve attained the five win streak only twice and both times it’s been in the silver league which is crazy. Once I’ve got gold league I shall be de ranking to get the remaining achievements and of course the extra hordes.
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