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Starting community events to finish up ranked?

  • TurtzerkerTurtzerker332,372
    Posted on 07 October 19 at 03:33Permalink
    There are a few ranked queues that simply dont get enough players to even get into games. Any possibility that we can start up some weekly events to play together as a community to knock out our respective placement matches? I'm not encouraging any type of boosting, just queueing up during certain times of the day to actually get into ranked games for once. If people would like to do this, we can vote as a group on what would be a good day during the week to promote these events. Message me for more info and/or Gears 4 Horde/Gears 5 Escape related sessions.
  • Posted on 07 October 19 at 14:29Permalink
    You could just make sessions they have a just for fun option
    Please excuse my typos I'm typing on my ducking phone.
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