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Achievements No Longer Tracking

  • GhostWrexGhostWrex305,510
    Posted on 08 October 19 at 08:44Permalink
    As of about an hour ago, none of my multiplayer achievements are tracking. I got the achievement for beat Downs in Forge and then switched to matchmaking to attempt some others, but not of my double kills, grenade kills, CTF Medals, or KotH medals seem to be tracking in the achievement part of the Xbox guide.

    Had no problems prior and any problems I had in the past have long since been solved. Should I stop playing until it's fixed (is it even broken?) or just hope that they're tracking invisibly?

    Thanks y'all.
  • Posted on 08 October 19 at 09:15Permalink
    Probably just a cloud/tracking issue, temporary usually.
    Could be due to xbox issues/lag/outage,

    but first things first try a hard reset of your console as that usually fixes such issues.
    (hold down the power button until the console shuts off, preferably unplug power from back end and wall for 30 seconds to drain. You'll know it was a full reset if the green screen appears for longer on bootup)
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  • GhostWrexGhostWrex305,510
    Posted on 10 October 19 at 05:37Permalink
    Hmmm, they're tracking better today, but still not 1:1. I got higher in the double kill ach after a game I didn't get any kills in (Warthog driver) and I didn't get credit for every grenade kill, just a few. Oh well, I'm gonna play the game anyway, hopefully the achievements will sync up eventually, thanks for the help iMaginaryy
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