Game Discussion: Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection

Automatically Connect Paths?

  • Jujii8Jujii8435,565
    Posted on 08 October 19 at 21:58Permalink
    Is there a way for paths to automatically connect when you place down an exhibit/concession? I saw it done on a YouTube video, but I don’t know how to make that happen in the game. Thanks!
  • Rossco7530Rossco75301,218,715
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 05:25Permalink
    Not that I can work out.

    I imagine you already looked at this, but turning off the default setting, from displaying the pathway 'ghost' as soon as you place something, can be done under Options > Forced Connection Enabled/Disabled. You still need to choose where you want the path to go.

    Perhaps the video you saw was on PC? It wouldn't surprise me if the game was developed for PC then 'dumbed down' for Xbox, with some optional controls taken out.
  • Posted on 14 October 19 at 06:01Permalink
    its annoying me too, it automatically connects path on the other version on X1 but not the ultimate.
  • Jujii8Jujii8435,565
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 06:37Permalink
    Gotcha. Thanks, guys. It must have been the non-ultimate version then.
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