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Information Posted on 09 October 19 at 16:49
Please use this thread to discuss the Royal Assault walkthrough
Information Posted on 15 October 19 at 21:01
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: Royal Assault Walkthrough
Exe the Hero
Exe the Hero
Posted on 19 October 19 at 01:24
With no disrespect meant to the author, after level 2, not a single strategy worked for me and by level 10, I ended up just following Billz's video and not bothering with the guide. In addition, there are instances where the wrong number is referenced, such as level 4, where tower #13 is referenced even though it doesn't exist because there are two #4s.

I certainly appreciate the effort put into the guide, but it just doesn't seem to be efficient, and it could certainly use a proofread.
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