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Update 1.1 - What changed ?

  • DF I PhoenixDF I Phoenix355,463
    Posted on 11 October 19 at 16:03

    The new update 1.1 added 3 days ago modified half of the behavior the game had in last update. Some achievements got easier, some others now got way harder.

    VigorHeavy BaggageThe Heavy Baggage achievement in Vigor worth 19 pointsLeave Outlands with full backpack

    This one will be a bit harder, as now, the weight of the items you carry modifies the way you move. The more you have in your inventory, the slower you are and your stamina bar reduces (same effect as if you get hit by radiation)

    VigorThreat of the OutlandsThe Threat of the Outlands achievement in Vigor worth 102 pointsBecome the Threat

    HARDER ! Now, the only way to become a threat, is by killing by yourself only 4 other players (can't be your teammate), as now, teamkilling will not consider you a threat, but instead a Team Killer. Can't confirm if this really changed the achievement behavior though

    VigorSharpshooterThe Sharpshooter achievement in Vigor worth 202 pointsWin 8 gold ranks in Firing Range Challenges

    Easier. Every single challenge got reseted, rebalanced. Even though there are not glitches anymore, every time seems now more easily attainable. I used to have 60 out of 73 gold medals, and now (as I recycled many weapons, thus losing their access in the firing range) I currently have 30 out of 30, so yeah, easier

    VigorWorld TravelerThe World Traveler achievement in Vigor worth 279 pointsVisit all points of interest in six maps

    Might be easier, can't really tell, but at least, you have more variety since a 7th map was added

    Also, consider 2 other things, that will somehow affect the blueprints achievements + the ressources/upgrading achievements : The 3 daily challenges were reworked and now give up to 3 rewards per challenge, but those rewards were balanced so the old challenges on the shooting range that required to get medals and rewarded crates, no longer reward crates.

    Lastly, as team killing has now a new behavior, it also doesn't count anymore toward kills for challenges, such as "Get 10 melee kills" for example.
    Please, be kind, you'll not regret it ;) Love you all !!!
  • Slayer ReigningSlayer Reigning1,511,580
    Posted on 15 October 19 at 01:48
    Just need the last medical plan for completion. All those firing range challenge crates were cake. Gonna miss those.
    But now your Reign is over / And it's all up to me / I'm gonna show you what I mean
  • AvoidsAvoids572,035
    Posted on 18 October 19 at 12:54
    Yeah I am still hunting for the last Medical plan, I have almost 2 million materials saved up as well.
  • Slayer ReigningSlayer Reigning1,511,580
    Posted on 18 October 19 at 21:59
    I am with you there bud. It's a terrible situation to rely on RNG.
    But now your Reign is over / And it's all up to me / I'm gonna show you what I mean
  • IMeeresgeistIMeeresgeist519,624
    Posted on 23 October 19 at 22:07
    I keep running into the full Auto glitch in my weapons.... You wanna burst or give a single shot? Nah, games just frick you up and Spams your ammo away
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