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Ascension Bluff Glitched Door?

  • Tylamite RexTylamite Rex142,480
  • Tylamite RexTylamite Rex142,480
    Posted on 13 October 19 at 06:30, Edited on 13 October 19 at 06:34 by Tylamite RexPermalink
    Found a solution as Zane. Simply deloy your clone while touching the gate. Your clone will spawn on the other side. Switch places with the clone and you're on the other side of the gate. Even after reaching the next spawn station and reloading, the gate is forever shut never to reopen. Very strange.
  • Ashen SeraphAshen Seraph685,336
    Posted on 30 October 19 at 03:20, Edited on 30 October 19 at 03:21 by Ashen SeraphPermalink
    It is a currently known non-functional door. No one knows what it is to be used for yet. It has no affect on any gameplay element beyond grey-on-map OCD at this time.
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