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  • Opus TakiOpus Taki1,079,509
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 17:14Permalink
    I'm getting sabotaged on this over and over again.
    Twice I've not been given enough events to complete objectives. First time was extreme conditions, second time was testing.
    I had a similar problem having to do maintenance to avoid dropping below 40%, which meant I couldn't earn the $40000 in 4 weeks.
    And today to top it off I once again get the earn $40k in 4 weeks objective only to be given an Extreme Conditions event (Turkey) , worth 57k, with a timer of 2.8 seconds . So now I'm screwed again.
    I'm wondering if this is even doable. Anyone else having these problems?
  • Coffee CPHCoffee CPH28,637
    Posted on 16 October 19 at 14:17Permalink
    Hmm, have you reached out to the developer about this issue?
  • Coffee CPHCoffee CPH28,637
    Posted on 16 October 19 at 14:20Permalink
    I see you've unlocked it now.
  • Opus TakiOpus Taki1,079,509
    Posted on 16 October 19 at 15:09Permalink
    Yeah, you just need a bit of luck in the order. The game doesn't always solve your objective, so although you might get a 'don't drop below 40% car condition' there's no guarantee the game will throw up a maintenence event in the alloted time. It did unlock at 100% though which is something.

    I was basing everything on not failing any objectives until I reached 15. This was because first time I tried I failed on objective 12 and the game wouldn't give me anymore, though its possible that was a bug, I played it safe and assumed 'perfectionist' meant just that.
  • Tendoman77Tendoman772,301,567
    Posted on 29 December 19 at 20:12Permalink
    I got lucky with having THREE "Rest twice in # weeks" in one season recently, but then I completely messed it up by failing a tyre-related objective straight away halfway through the season and ruined it for me. Those ones can be the nastiest cause the game often sets you on the tyre your not supposed to use and you'll forget to change it.

    I hate this cheevo so much, guess this makes up for not having to do 1000 stages and 10'000kms anymore.
  • ClassyWingsClassyWings1,049,393
    Posted on 18 April 20 at 12:23Permalink
    Yeah this achievement is a bitch! What's worse is that I was on track to get it in my first season, but after Spain event it didn't give me anything and deleted the one I was almost done with, my last one for the achievement... I just said that I wasn't in a WRC season, but I still had Australia left to do....angry
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