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"Multi-tasking" achievement

  • Posted on 17 October 19 at 15:22Permalink

    Are there by any chance a bunch of people, maybe 3-5, that would be interested in doing the "Multi-tasking" achievement? It's kinda annoying and mostly luck-based. But I thought that if we all hop into a Hero Starfighters game, it should be done and dusted pretty quickly...let me know if you'd be available :)

    GT: MasterChief5773
  • Posted on 17 October 19 at 22:51Permalink
    Besides leveling up in this game, this achievement is frustrating and takes some time. A few games I remember getting more then 3 hero ships, but most games I got 1 or none.
  • HogmonsterHogmonster461,119
    Posted on 18 October 19 at 14:06Permalink
    I am interested in going for this, let me know if you setup a session.
  • Posted on 21 October 19 at 11:16Permalink
    I'm interested as well. I only need six more hero kills.
  • Dan08589Dan0858967,151
    Posted on 25 October 19 at 20:52Permalink
    I did this in a session, you need 8 people and it's very quick, but won't start without 8 I believe.
  • Posted on 27 October 19 at 12:57Permalink
    I really struggled with this too, so I created a boosting session. It's for today, but it has already got 8 people in. Feel free to join as reserve incase of no shows.
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