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Wish list for future SOD2 patches

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    I love SOD2, but there's always some things that could or should be changed for the choices you make to have greater consequences... and for a game that put so much emphasis on consequences for your decisions, there rarely seem like moments where you have to make a tough call outside of getting rid of less useful survivors or demoting a leader.

    As such, this is my wish list for future SOD2 gameplay patches for the future. Keep in mind, none of these things are really big changes... just things that would make SOD2 much more engaging.

    1) Sieges MATTER.

    How many times have you heard your survivors remind you that there's an incoming siege but totally downplay the danger involved? And in fact, yeah, if you have 3 ammo to spare, there's NO reason to go home. None. Even if you DO go home, chances are that unless there's a passing horde that just happens to show up while the siege is going on, it'll be practically no threat. Even in Nightmare mode, the only reason I go back to base is because I don't want to waste 3 ammo. Make sieges a SIEGE, not 'a few zombies climbing your walls to be promptly shot'

    2) Infestations matter.

    As it is right now, infestations are nothing more than a morale penalty, and not a significant enough of one to really worry that much about. A heavily infested map (say, 10) means almost nothing to you unless you're wanting to go scavenging in that area. The level of infestations on your map should contribute to the base threat level overall, not how much noise your group is making.
    Moreover, how infested your map is should also further increase the deadliness of a siege, maybe even acting as a multiplier for the number of biters that get thrown at you. Have 5 infestations? Enjoy 5x the zombies spawning. You get the idea. It should MATTER beyond just a morale penalty how much you ignore infestations, because you are literally allowing the zombie population to pile up. It should even affect your allies; have ignoring infestations run the risk of friendly enclaves getting sieged and potentially being wiped out.

    3) Hostile enclaves now raid you.

    Another missed opportunity. Hostile enclaves should be more than just a location that occasionally shoots at you. They should also try and steal your resources or even try and take your outposts from you. Again, ignoring hostile enclaves doesn't matter, and it should. There should be a more severe penalty for making everyone on the map hate you beyond having a few fewer trading partners.

    4) Send runners for pickup.

    I miss this radio call. It saves you a trip and opens the possibility of rescuing a runner in trouble, especially if the runner didn't just take a rucksack, but also picked up all the other loose items in a location too. It'd be risking a survivor for convenience's sake, but that's also a choice with a consequence, something the game sorely lacks.

    5) Use medkits on others.

    You should be able to use medkits in particular on anyone following you on a mission. Just add the option when you talk to them, it'd be nice for those moments when the game decides that what this mission needs is a couple of juggernauts spawning in that hate your mission partner. It's also come in handy during sieges too, if the zombies decide that they just hate one survivor in particular that's not you.

    6) Exiling survivors spawn a hostile enclave.

    There's absolutely no consequence for exiling a survivor as it stands now. This should be a decision that you don't make lightly, but right now, there's nothing stopping you from kicking out survivors with inconvenient traits. After all, you can just call to meet new survivors and fish for new community members. If you kick out a survivor, they should spawn a brand new hostile enclave that will then try to steal from you. That's a consequence.

    7) Offer the choice to spare hostile enclaves.

    Since hostile enclaves would have more significance, how to deal with them should also have more options. After you kill 2 of them, the final survivor should surrender, giving you the option to spare, execute, or attempt to recruit the last one (With a random chance of success)

    I feel that these changes could really spice up the gameplay, really give you more reason to take care of business rather than just ignoring other survivors and focusing on building your base and maxing out your survivors.
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    Good suggestions! Seconded.

    I've got a few of my own.

    1) A toggle AI behaviour menu, like the excellent mod for the original game.
    * Set the companions to be aggressive, normal or cautious
    * Set them to use melee, guns, or everything they have available
    * Set them to use single, burst or auto (at extra daily ammo cost)
    * Set the distance they have to you when they follow you
    * Set the range to which the watchtower is clearing zombies around the base (at extra daily ammo cost)
    * Set the base defense to be "on the walls" or "fire at will", so that they'll actually use the small firing platforms surrounding each base
    * Set the priority targets (Freaks, Defend friendlies, Closest, Auto)

    2) If infestations spread to too many buildings in an area, that area "falls to the zeds". Your community gets a significant morale penalty (like -30 or something) and non-allied Enclaves sets a timer of like 30 minutes before they pick up and leave. Enclaves in the area are wiped out. The mega-infestation acts as one big infestation with all of them aggroing at once when you go there (i.e. 30 Screamers and 150 zeds if 10 sites are infested within the megainfestation).
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    Oh, very nice... or, alternatively (And probably easier for UL to just patch in) if you let areas of infestations fester for too long, the infestation 'seed' instead becomes a new Plague Heart. Now THAT would be interesting, if the zombies could create new plague hearts if you play too passively. Heck, if things got bad enough, you might actually have no choice but to flee to a new map.

    That wouldn't be a bad bit of DLC either, introducing a mechanic where you could actually lose ground to the zeds with entire sections of the map turning into infested zones teeming with plague zombies and plague freaks if you play too passively.
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    Another suggestion:

    Build Your Own Base

    A kit sold for, say, 5000 Influence from Mysterious Traders. It gives you a Locker that you can put anywhere (consumable).

    This locker unlocks the option of using a certain amount of Materials to set up fences around the perimeter (which is potentially much larger than the largest bases). And then you dedicate areas for small and large slots inside this area, as well as for parking slots.

    Whichever pre-existing building inside the perimeter yields its resources to the base. For some extra materials and Influence (very costly), you can set up high walls that the zeds can't climb over.

    The base is given as an option when you start a new game or switch map to the map where you built it - similarly to loading a mod. Requires 5000 influence to settle.
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