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Successful strats for Insane Horde Event (Terminator: Dark Fates)

  • TurtzerkerTurtzerker332,090
    Posted on 17 October 19 at 22:34Permalink
    I have a level 12 Del atm and I'm wondering where a good spot to build my base and any other tricks I might be able to use on the training grounds map?
  • MercadoMercado211,038
    Posted on 17 October 19 at 23:10Permalink
    Got to Wave 20 on it but lost because the Boss is 2 kestrals at the same time. The Del I played with put the fabricator in one of the two areas overlooking where dropshot/Lancer GL spawns in mp. Sorry if that confused you but that's the best explanation I could think of. Then he barrier glitched all entry points and made weapon lockers and a sentry.
    I'd suggest both a Kait AND JD as they're the biggest damage dealers and will help you eliminate the most pesky enemies (Guardians, bosses) before they wipe the whole team.
  • TurtzerkerTurtzerker332,090
    Posted on 17 October 19 at 23:16Permalink
    How does one barrier glitch?
  • MercadoMercado211,038
  • Posted on 18 October 19 at 18:12Permalink
    If you want to try to go for the event on insane then let me know, i can use my level 17 Kait
  • TurtzerkerTurtzerker332,090
    Posted on 18 October 19 at 23:46Permalink
    I'm down. Shooting a dm to your gamertag.
  • Aura BattlerAura Battler604,330
    Posted on 20 October 19 at 02:41, Edited on 20 October 19 at 02:42 by Aura BattlerPermalink
    I did this in insane, but it was not easy since they put all difficult settings even it's only insane.

    I was Del and knew how to build, just built a few lvl4 weapon lockers with good position sentries and barriers. The camp location is the beginning spawn. Luckily, most players knew how to play and a lot of tri-shots dropped, but 1 player left at wave 18. So I invited my friend to refill the post. Even with a good team, sometimes you might down with just 1 hit since of Kestrels & Boomshot Scions.
  • TurtzerkerTurtzerker332,090
    Posted on 21 October 19 at 01:40Permalink
    anybody know when this horde event ends? I checked all over and still can't see a deadline.
  • Squ4rexSqu4rex822,294
  • Posted on 22 October 19 at 16:39Permalink
    Anyone still looking to get this done?
    Please excuse my typos I'm typing on my ducking phone.
    Posted on 22 October 19 at 17:03Permalink
    Yeah, i am on it, i'd like to play some terminator horde, send me a messege for play
  • Posted on 22 October 19 at 23:47Permalink
    Anyone else getting awarded 0 cards during this event? Died on wave 20 and got nothing for the trouble.
  • KAW 24KAW 24239,645
    Posted on 23 October 19 at 01:34Permalink
    Yes, there are no skill cards awarded via the event. You can make progress on medals, totems, XP, etc., but no skill cards.
  • oG YeahoG Yeah798,808
    Posted on 23 October 19 at 02:05Permalink
    I'm down to get this done with. Also wouldn't mind finding a group to do the master exhibit waves 46-50 or just wave 50 strat for quick horde character xp. All my horde characters are at least level 9+ and I have a level 14 JD.
  • TurtzerkerTurtzerker332,090
    Posted on 23 October 19 at 07:02Permalink
    @oG Yeah

    Feel free to add me. I have a level 14 Del now and now that I know about glitching out barriers, it has made me a lot more successful in attempting higher difficulties.
  • X1 TwoX1 Two610,728
    Posted on 23 October 19 at 11:18Permalink
    You really don't need the glitch. Most important thing is to build two fully upgraded weapon lockers and two sentries plus level 3 barriers. And don't have a Jack on your team. You will need all the firepower you can get and Jack can't use a minigun. Once the Guardians appear grab their guns and put them into the weapon lockers and never empty them completely, just switch to a full gun. To do so have every weapon locker equipped with three miniguns and one rocket launcher. Switch your minigun to the launcher, then the launcher to the next minigun (if you just select a minigun you will just add it to your existing one, removing it entirely). And then it's just a matter of using the guns and keeping everything alive. Oh, build your base where you spawn. It has the best protection from Kestrels. For the last wave just remove the normal enemies before starting to fire on the Kestrels. Or you will be caught in the crossfire when the T-800s break through your barriers.

    The glitch doesn't lead to an easy win because they can still fire at you and you will waste a ton of resources on those 6 level 3 barriers, meaning you probably won't have sentries or weapon lockers. So you either can't defend against the Guardians that just fly over the glitched barrier or you can't kill because you run out of ammo all the time.

    On other difficulties you can use the middle of the map (where the stairs are) and use your fabricator if placed correctly to block of one side completely without using the glitch.
  • MercadoMercado211,038
    Posted on 23 October 19 at 16:09Permalink
    Got this done with a Del, JD, Kait, Jack and COG Gear the other day. We didn't do the barrier glitch. X1 is right about not needing Jack, not enough weapons are dropped for him to be a good power resource and the COG Gear's ultimate is much better at supporting the team. Hell, in one of the early waves we all went down but because COG Gear had their ultimate he was able to revive all of us. Also Kait should get an overkill and use that until it runs out of ammo as it has farther range than the gnasher.
    If you're wary of not doing the barrier glitch you could also build level 2 barriers and put them perpendicular to the entry points of your base.

    If you haven't beaten it near the end of the event hmu and I'll help you out
  • DabimaDabima202,328
    Posted on 24 October 19 at 16:12Permalink
    If anyone is down to do this, I would love some competent players to team up with. I've had poor experiences with all the rando groups I've jumped into
  • Solario32Solario32247,111
    Posted on 25 October 19 at 12:52Permalink
    I'm down for getting this done this weekend. Trying to get JD and Del to level 12 to make it easier.
  • Posted on 26 October 19 at 21:04Permalink
    I'm still looking to get this done I have a level 12 Marcus. The rest are 5 or less. I'll be on tonight hit me up if you need someone
    Please excuse my typos I'm typing on my ducking phone.
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