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Which achievements lose tracking?

  • MushaConvoyMushaConvoy649,166
    Posted on 18 October 19 at 02:33Permalink
    I've given up waiting for a patch, am curious, which achievements have their tracking reset when you shutdown the console? Just wondering which ones I should bother trying for, and which ones I should accept that I can't get and ignore them altogether.

    I see the "less than 175 kills" achievement is bugged in a good way, with the progress getting reset. I won't be getting the "more than 1200 kills" one, any others I can safely ignore?
    Peace Through Tyranny
  • Posted on 19 October 19 at 16:19Permalink
    Any achievement that requires multiple events to happen has to be done without turning off the Xbox. Killings dragons, killing 1200 enemies, visiting all locations, 5 stronghold upgrades, all upgrades, etc.

    Single event achievements aren’t affected.
  • MushaConvoyMushaConvoy649,166
    Posted on 20 October 19 at 01:41Permalink
    Yikes, all upgrades is tracked accumulatively? For visiting all locations, do you know if there are any areas that get locked off you cannot revisit later for it to register? Like one last world tour before reaching the final boss.
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  • Posted on 20 October 19 at 13:17Permalink
    There is at least one Sub location I can think of Off the top of my head, in The Hearthsong map, that you need a key for, that you only get by accepting a quest.

    I just got explorer, I’m not sure how it’s tracked, because I’m in the white march 2 dlc and I got the achievement, that specially says, “excluding white march”. lol It may be x/151 maps visited or whatever tracking.
  • MushaConvoyMushaConvoy649,166
    Posted on 21 October 19 at 02:42Permalink
    Do you think it might be possible to hold off on those (aside from the exploration one) and do them all in one hit? No upgrades to the stronghold until you can do them all at once, same with the dragons?

    I might start it soon, see how I go holding off on these :)
    Peace Through Tyranny
  • Posted on 21 October 19 at 03:21Permalink
    I took me three playthroughs because I got forced offline on my second to update my Xbox, but that’s almost what I did. Though doing some stronghold upgrades in one playthrough won’t mess it up for another because you’ll lose all tracked progress as soon as you turn off you Xbox. So I’d just play normally your first time and if you want to, do a playthrough later without turning off your Xbox.
  • Nick S AdminNick S Admin188,582
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 20:26Permalink
    And crafting potions and scrolls too. But that's something generally doable in one session.
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