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Stranger Sins in Graveyard Keeper achievements found

  • Rossco7530Rossco75301,219,024
    Posted on 19 October 19 at 01:21Permalink
    Right on cue just 2 months after the game has left Game Pass. angry
  • XpovosXpovos562,739
    Posted on 19 October 19 at 01:21Permalink
    What a cash grab.
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  • LordMakanakiLordMakanaki1,668,093
    Posted on 19 October 19 at 04:07Permalink
    I've played this from game pass but I'll get this when it's on sale. I really enjoyed the game so i don't mind spending a few extra dollars to get this.
  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi1,949,835
    Posted on 19 October 19 at 04:15Permalink
    Awesome news! DLC for a great game
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  • x Mataeus xx Mataeus x904,272
    Posted on 19 October 19 at 07:26Permalink
    Xpovos said:
    What a cash grab.
    Say what now?
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  • Rossco7530Rossco75301,219,024
    Posted on 19 October 19 at 10:13, Edited on 19 October 19 at 10:44 by Rossco7530Permalink
    x Mataeus x said:
    Xpovos said:
    What a cash grab.
    Say what now?
    Because the game has left Game Pass, anyone who played it through GP will have to purchase both the DLC and the base game to play this.

    It was inevitable that publishers would catch onto this. I don't know why I'm surprised. It's the risk you take, I suppose. They could at least have given us the chance to buy the game with the GP discount. Edit - The DLC would have been in the works well before 2 months ago, so this was a conscious decision for the aforementioned cash grab.

    It devalues Game Pass but I can't imagine anyone will care as long as it keeps doing well.

    At least I really enjoyed the game, but I'll be waiting for a hefty sale just on principle!
  • Paul LaserbeamPaul Laserbeam1,452,373
    Posted on 19 October 19 at 12:05Permalink
    Now THIS is fucking annoying.
  • TuKraZeTuKraZe889,484
    Posted on 19 October 19 at 12:51Permalink
    argh! Great game but seriously....I cant seem to juggle completing old games alongside new games and dlc dropping like this lol
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  • WeezleramWeezleram463,078
    Posted on 19 October 19 at 13:43Permalink
    Nice, time to re-install.
  • smakzillaasmakzillaa542,495
    Posted on 19 October 19 at 17:02Permalink
    Graveyard Keeper came to Gamepass in August 2018 and left in August 2019, so that's a year. So sounds like the agreement to be on Gamepass was up, so I feel it was less of a cash grab for this DLC.
  • DingadillyDingadilly1,162,370
    Posted on 19 October 19 at 18:18Permalink
    I have no problem with this. A year was long enough and I thoroughly enjoyed it, along with farm together a while after. An excuse to dive back into this one is welcome. Wonder if you have to run the graveyard at the same time as the new stuff? I'm sure there are articles that will either tell me or offer their own opinions. I dont really wanna know. Bring it on. Looking forward to getting back into the yard.
  • GoyetteQCGoyetteQC540,286
    Posted on 19 October 19 at 19:51Permalink
    Amazing, been waiting for more Graveyard Keeper since completing it last year.
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  • SliktorSliktor603,114
    Posted on 20 October 19 at 00:50, Edited on 20 October 19 at 03:50 by SliktorPermalink
    It was an enjoyable game, though it's likely I'll never get this dlc without the base game going on sale or returning to gamepass. Here's hoping.
  • DarwinXDarwinX418,431
    Posted on 20 October 19 at 02:27Permalink
    It's slightly annoying that we'll have to buy the base game since it's not in game pass anymore. But I loved the base game and am excited to see more content for it. I'd much prefer a company to support a game after release than not, even if it means I might have to pay a bit more money for it. Hopefully they'll put it on sale soon, or offer a bundle with the DLC plus the base game.
  • BaronVoNewmanBaronVoNewman1,000,956
    Posted on 20 October 19 at 02:37Permalink
    Sale for me
  • Skanker irlSkanker irl581,716
    Posted on 21 October 19 at 04:18Permalink
  • TenrethTenreth408,897
    Posted on 21 October 19 at 14:44Permalink
    That looks like a fairly long list. Bad timing, with all the new games on shedule. :(

    Does anyone know if you can use your complete savegame or is it a fresh start.
  • Posted on 23 October 19 at 09:39Permalink
    Hoping this would be in the shocktober sale but looks like it isn't.
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  • DingadillyDingadilly1,162,370
    Posted on 28 October 19 at 15:27Permalink
    Feeling stupid because I've bought it and cant figure out how to start it. I'm just back at my old pre end game save. With nothing obvious to talk to, no obvious lead and what little information I've seen on the net doesnt match what I'm seeing in game. Ie when I talk to Gerry, he doesn't mention anything about cognac
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