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  • Posted on 19 October 19 at 07:28Permalink
    MyDanishReality has just submitted some Game Info for Northgard Achievements.

    These changes are for All Regions.

    Release Date set to 04 Oct 2019

    MyDanishReality said:
    Although the store page for Northgard states the game released on the 24th of September, this is not true. This link ( states the true release date on Xbox, the 4th of October, which is also the day I purchased it (no preorders available) and when the first achievements in the game were unlocked.
  • KasugaSamaKasugaSama116,696
    Posted on 19 October 19 at 21:13Permalink
    Hi there, MyDanishReality. Thank you for your submission. We too noticed the messed up Release Date on the marketplace, so thanks for helping clear this up.

    This should be all good, now. toast
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  • Posted on 19 October 19 at 23:27Permalink
    I'm not even sure the devs themselves knew when the game was releasing. laugh
  • Posted on 19 October 19 at 23:57Permalink
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