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Bookmarking Walkthroughs

  • Posted on 20 October 19 at 00:10Permalink
    Is there a way to bookmark walkthroughs for games a la To Do List for achievements? If so, that would be great.

    For clarity, I don’t want to bookmark each individual page in my browser.
  • TangerineGamerTangerineGamer1,058,336
    Posted on 20 October 19 at 10:28Permalink
    There isn't a feature on site that is designed to do this, however you could you the boost list to basically create a to do list of games you would like to come back to later.

    It's not how the boost list was designed to be used but I know other users on site use it for what you describe.
    Just bare in mind that you may receive requests or messages asking you if you would like to boost the game.

    Game Page > Game drop-down menu > Add to my Boost List

    You can also customise your homepage to show your boost it so you can have it as an easy to view reference
    Yours sincerely, TG
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