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  • Posted on 21 October 19 at 15:47Permalink
    Please use this thread to discuss the Knights of Pen & Paper walkthrough
  • Posted on 15 November 19 at 20:41, Edited on 15 November 19 at 20:42 by Mike MarcelaisPermalink
    I swear this WT wasn't here yesterday... I was playing through and thinking about contributing one myself. Whatever...

    A few comments about the speed run: At the very start, I would buy 26 greater XP potions and 222 grindstones (using money from your first playthrough). This lets you immediately level everyone to L16 and level the blacksmith to L7. The blacksmith XP you get from crafting all of the L7 equipment will level up the blacksmith to L8 to get the last weapon upgrades. This lets you craft all of the best equipment virtually at the start of the game. (This costs about 10000 gold, including the molten ring and blacksmith crafting charges.)

    I'm using the dev team for the speed run with great success (so far) so making the dev team party separately to 'glitch' the achievement isn't necessary.

    For grinding gold postgame (to finance your speedrun), I found the scarecrows at the Farming Town easier to deal with and you get 500+ gold per battle.

    I'd also put off grinding the dungeon clearances until after the speedrun since I believe it counts dungeons from all saves and you will have to do a few dungeons as part of the main quest. You should also mention that if you equip 15 Luck amulets, then all of the random encounters go away (you'll always roll healing or treasure) which makes clearing the dungeon much faster.
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