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LASO Guide

  • Posted on 22 October 19 at 20:16Permalink
    Trying to complete all the halos on laso. Just started last night and got completely wrecked on PoA haha. Wondering if anyone can point me to a solid guide that shows where to run through fights and skips and what not. Thanks!
  • Posted on 22 October 19 at 23:30, Edited on 22 October 19 at 23:34 by Homunculus FuryPermalink
    i like this guy too. decent speed run videos. although i do admit are hard to replicate but fun to watch
    Please excuse my typos I'm typing on my ducking phone.
  • Posted on 06 November 19 at 03:48Permalink
    look for GB Austin on Youtube. Has better LASO guides for 1 and 2 than Halo Completionist. More skips/better routes IMO.
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