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*THEORY* You can actually play the local Co-Op Online

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    Ok, so this is just a theory that i'll be testing soon, but i think it may be possible to actually play it online. This will involve some SERIOUS unpractical hurdles to get it to work. Not the ideal solution, i know, but until/IF Bethesda decides to add it (which by now i think is highly unlikely due to relatively low sales), this might be a resolve for those who don't have anyone to help locally.

    In theory this will require:
    • Two Controllers hooked to Host Xbox One
    • Good internet connection for streaming
    • Mixer Account set up on Host Xbox One
    • Both accounts must be logged in the host Xbox One so both players get the achievement (unless your friend don't want it/need it and just want to help).
    • A friend with good connection hooked to a computer/notebook with his/her controller, who also have a Mixer account.

    To set it up, the host Xbox must stream the game on Mixer. His account must be logged to Player 1. Set up the local game and log your friend's account as Player 2. Once you start streaming, you can set it to SHARE your controller (set it to private so no one else can use it except your friend. That's why he'll also need an account).
    Unless i'm mistaken you can't share Player 2's controller, only Player 1's. So your friend will be playing with your account, and vice versa.

    Again, this will require good, stable connection to work, even more so than when playing online normally. There'll be considerable input lag, but it's definitely doable. I'll be testing it soon and will share results.

    For those interested, this *in theory* would also work with any local co-op game if set up properly.
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    good luck
    Please excuse my typos I'm typing on my ducking phone.
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    Sounds like fun. Let’s us know how it goes. Good luck
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