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Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Leads the November Games with Gold Lineup

  • ShinnizleShinnizle761,408
    Posted on 31 October 19 at 17:59, Edited on 31 October 19 at 17:59 by ShinnizlePermalink
    Another month to remind myself to stop buying games only to end up not playing them laugh
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  • Posted on 31 October 19 at 18:19Permalink
    Excited to grab Star Wars!
    See You Space Cowboy...
  • Posted on 31 October 19 at 18:44, Edited on 31 October 19 at 18:45 by FireDrake007Permalink
    I consider the November GWG lineup a pretty solid month. It might not be good for some, but many of us Xbox One owners like Sherlock Holmes and Star Wars games. You can't please everyone.

    Devil's Daughter might not be the best Sherlock Holmes game out there but it is still a pretty solid game that has relatively high ratings on steam.

    Star Wars Jedi Fighter again is not the best SW game out there but it is still a classic that happens to be a console exclusive that you cannot access on PC, so for us PC + Xbox One gamers, it is great to be given a game to help complete our Star Wars collection that is also a lot of fun to play with enhanced in 4k on our Xbox One X. That is the common theme I have been reading about this SW game for those that have tried it, that it is a fun game to play btw. Give it a chance.

    Joyride Turbo is a Mario kart racer look alike that allows you to use your Avatar in a game. I have never used my customised Avatar before in a game, so that would be cool to try out.

    Final Station is a popular indie game that is highly rated on steam. It's only fault acc. to some posters is that it isn't a AAA game and is therefore trash.
  • Posted on 31 October 19 at 21:08Permalink
    Not a super strong month for me. Not interested in OG Xbox games and already have Final Station. I'll just add them to the backlog and play some GamePass games instead.
  • Aura BattlerAura Battler604,271
    Posted on 01 November 19 at 00:45Permalink
    I was having fun when I played Devil's Daughter, it was not bad as a Sherlock Holmes game. I also bought a disc version for this game later.

    BTW, I think I saw a news about all Sherlock Holmes game will be delisted soon...
  • Darklord1899Darklord1899347,165
    Posted on 01 November 19 at 01:17Permalink
    Great line up for me. No sH** sherlock. Great. Then Final station which I have and Star fighter which I had many years back until it was stolen by an X who did not even like Star Wars. I tried to tell her it would not run on my game cube which she also stole but she was having none of it.
    Plus joy ride... a pretty good month
  • Posted on 01 November 19 at 12:10Permalink
    Great news for me. I don't own any. Mostly excited for Star Wars.
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  • Posted on 01 November 19 at 12:13Permalink
    Elyoh said:
    It's not people who air their opinions on the games that's annoying, it's the ones who bag the whole service every month. Not sure if you've seen them, but they normally turn up every month to complain that GwG is a terrible service and that it only ever gives terrible games.
    Agree with this.

    November is probably the most disappointing month I've seen, but that's just my opinion. The service as a whole is fine - I'm usually actually pretty pleased with the games.
  • Posted on 01 November 19 at 19:02Permalink
    I'll download Sherlock Holmes, if I was not lazy to go and grab my remote.
  • Posted on 03 November 19 at 22:53Permalink
    Wow, these GWG original Xbox Star Wars games really show how games have become better. I can see how they could be reasonably exciting at the time, but they have not aged well. Boring gameplay, extremely derivative plot connected to awful prequel movies. I tried Jedi Fighter last night and have no desire to play it again. The only GWG one that I have played a fair bit of and enjoyed was Star Wars Battlefront 2. That had a bit of an interesting plot and better gameplay. Republic Commando was novel (I remember trying it when it came out) but not worth playing when I have a lot of other choices.
  • erod550erod550990,234
    Posted on 07 November 19 at 18:59Permalink
    Of course we get The Devil's Daughter 3 months after I grabbed it on sale for $11 and still haven't gotten to it. Should have just waited. Oh well.
  • boodomiboodomi135,125
    Posted on 13 November 19 at 20:00Permalink
    Jedi Starfighter was a fun game, haven't played that in about 15 years
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