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Xbox One S games problem

  • Posted on 05 November 19 at 03:49Permalink
    Hi can someone help me please.

    I am having trouble getting any of my Xbox One games to work on my console. Everything was fine on Sunday night, turned my console on on Monday morning and now I can't get any game to work.

    The games loads up fine but when it's on the "checking network data" screen they freeze up. I have tried both my disc and digital download games and I have the same problems.

    But here is the thing all my Xbox 360 games I have on my console are working beautifully.

    So has anyone got any idea what the problem is?

    Thank you for any help.
  • Posted on 05 November 19 at 10:01Permalink
    Can a mod lock this please as I have fixed the problem. All I needed to do was a hard reset..
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