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Mad Games Tycoon Achievement List Revealed

  • EazyE2285EazyE2285453,951
    Posted on 06 November 19 at 17:35
    Extremely positive reviews on Steam but see most of those have 40-200 hours in the game. This does not look like something I'd put Forza/RPG time into
  • Lorde VarunaLorde Varuna182,607
    Posted on 06 November 19 at 17:43
    I'm glad this kind of game is coming to Xbox! A must have for me.
  • EveryBaseEveryBase351,472
    Posted on 06 November 19 at 17:53
    /scrolls down and sees the "I am Legend" Achievement...
    /slowly backs away
  • jasonlc3221jasonlc3221941,415
    Posted on 06 November 19 at 17:54, Edited on 06 November 19 at 17:58 by jasonlc3221
    I own Game Dev Tycoon on Windows, it's a great game. I know there have been other clones of the game on other platforms, and this seems to be the same. However, I heard the clones were generally just as good. If it's very similar to Game Dev Tycoon, then it's actually quite a fun and relaxing game to play. I just might be picking this up at some point.

    200 hour completions don't scare me. Also, once somebody posts a guide as to which game combinations work best for maximum sales/reviews (if someone on Steam hasn't already posted a guide), I'd imagine this game becomes something closer to a 40-50 hour completion. Not exactly sure what the different difficulties will affect, as Game Dev Tycoon didn't have different difficulties from what I remember.
  • BloodGodAlucardBloodGodAlucard1,278,608
    Posted on 06 November 19 at 18:17
    This sounds like a cool concept. I'm interested in playing it at some point.
  • PoliteCanuckPoliteCanuck251,938
    Posted on 06 November 19 at 18:34
    Always enjoy a good tycoon game!
  • Posted on 06 November 19 at 20:26
    Enjoy them on mobile, hoping they don't screw it up too bad with a port. -
  • Posted on 06 November 19 at 21:46
    I'm only going to play this if it allows me to put micro-transactions … err, I mean, "surprise mechanisms" into every game.
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