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  • Posted on 08 November 19 at 00:00Permalink
    Hey guys
    So I want to buy a windows phone and finish off games which I started years ago.
    Ive heard that you can redownload delisted games on windows 10 Phones.

    So can someone recommend a good phone to buy for this? and how I go about redownloaded old games
  • JamP0und32JamP0und32801,779
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 09:41Permalink
    Best phones would be any with over 1gb ram, this would play pretty much everything.

    I have a Lumia 950xl which I love and if wp wasn’t dead it would be my everyday phone.

    You can redownload games through the store, you just go to your game library and they’ll be in there. There’s a couple I think that are delisted for good, as in can’t even redownload. Mass Effect Infiltrator being one.
  • Eliphelet77Eliphelet77462,002
    Posted on 09 November 19 at 06:04Permalink
    Just a warning. I have a Nokia 930 with windows 10. Currently I can play most games and get achievements fine, however anything leaderboard based in any way won't pop as I get a 'cannot connect to xbl'.

    I've seen other limited reports of this and dunno if it'll get fixed. It effects a surprising number of achievements, most things that require counting basically - level up, complete X levels collect X items.
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