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Poll: What was Your Favourite Game of October 2019?

  • BlackxRyanBlackxRyan609,253
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 19:44Permalink
    I absolutely loved The Outer Worlds
  • Epic LouieEpic Louie1,456,263
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 20:02Permalink
    Outer Worlds was simply amazing. I loved very second of it.
    I find your lack of faith disturbing.
  • Goggs25Goggs251,098,916
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 20:11Permalink
    Asdivine Kamura one of the few games that work from day 1
  • SeitzzSeitzz682,473
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 20:37Permalink
    I guess Outer Worlds for me since it's really the only game on the list I've played. Only played it for a few hours, but it had a nice feel to it to start and that was nice for a change. It felt somewhat easy to pick up and get into. Still gonna hold off on starting it for a little while I mop up some other games.
  • iMaginaryyiMaginaryy1,348,541
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 20:44Permalink
    Outer Worlds obvi just because it's more in my realm, but Afterparty as well especially since it fits October mood so well!
    Fear is the mindkiller.
  • RedDevil9487RedDevil9487171,180
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 20:51Permalink
    Easily The Outer Worlds, man I love gamepass.
  • CenosisCenosis77,306
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 21:15Permalink
    I'm predicting a WWE 2K20 come from behind victory!
  • SchinderdivSchinderdiv437,089
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 21:27Permalink
    To be fair, The Outer Worlds is the only one I've played. I am enjoying it more than I thought I would.
    If you have to ask, you're streets behind.
  • ArkzeinArkzein277,261
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 21:46Permalink
    Baldurs Gate for me, didn't exact it to be hugely popular but thought one of the best games if all time would have had more folk pick it up. Did see a lot start it and switch to Outer Worlds though.
  • Posted on 08 November 19 at 22:09, Edited on 08 November 19 at 22:11 by UnstoppableKDPermalink
    Baldurs Gate 2 is literally my favorite game ever, but like I'm not gonna vote for it because it didn't come out in October in my eyes. Also I technically haven't played the port. Outer Worlds by default since I haven't played any others, although I will play the Impossible Lair.

    Edit: I say by default but Its probably my favorite game of the year, best RPG I've played since Witcher 3.
    I would be Unstoppable, if not for Law Enforcement and Physics
  • Posted on 08 November 19 at 22:28Permalink
    No contest! Definitely The Outer Worlds. Hands-down GOTY. My personal Game of the Generation.
  • Evilragd0llEvilragd0ll420,328
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 22:57Permalink
    Outer Worlds was great but I also think Modern Warfare has a fantastic campaign and I was really impressed by the visuals and attention to detail. Still, voted Outer Worlds because it sucked me in for a long time and I enjoyed the story way more.
  • Hazar KhallHazar Khall589,041
    Posted on 08 November 19 at 23:17Permalink
    The Outer Worlds was decent, easier to 100% than Id have thought considering the suicidal AI, but gotta vote Frostpunk, been waiting ages for it.
    To be honest tho, even as I dont feel any games had a chance past TOW, I feel It was good but it needed a story with two distinct branches for me to get the hype its receiving.

    Going to start up Frostpunk on my next day off smile I hope its as challenging as it looks!
    Go big or go home (>*_*)>---gs
  • x Mataeus xx Mataeus x903,270
    Posted on 09 November 19 at 00:07Permalink
    Planescape Torment
    "I gotta be honest, entering a bunch of 25 character codes to have gear spit out of the magic box kinda sucks" - Rista B
  • LockieLockie293,186
    Posted on 09 November 19 at 00:10Permalink
    Outer Worlds was the only thing I played from this list thanks to GP. laugh

    Got to try and finish it before the AOE2 Remaster takes all my time.
    Posting from sunny Australia.
  • superniceguysuperniceguy248,474
    Posted on 09 November 19 at 00:28, Edited on 09 November 19 at 00:33 by superniceguyPermalink
    I voted Grid as bought it and played a bit of it. I also bought Ghostbusters but not yet got round to playing it yet.

    I Have not got around to playing Outer Worlds yet, if I had that could have been it. I will play it in Nov for definite as there is a game pass quest.

    Playing games leaving game pass or games in free weekends has taken up most my time in Oct and Nov so far.
  • R3f1CuLR3f1CuL762,844
    Posted on 09 November 19 at 00:35Permalink
    Outer Worlds has been my GOTY, and possibly my fav game of the entire generation tbh. Such great writing/voice acting and all those nice little touches if you look deep and explore. Coming back to areas is particularly well done as depending on what you choose you can find nice little easter eggs of the consequences to your actions that most games just wouldn't be bothered with.
  • Tendoman77Tendoman771,804,982
    Posted on 09 November 19 at 01:10, Edited on 09 November 19 at 01:34 by Tendoman77Permalink
    I voted for WWE 2K20...

    ...just for a joke :x

    In all seriousness, I haven't played any of these games yet.
  • Posted on 09 November 19 at 08:30Permalink
    The Outer Worlds because it's the only game on the list I played ;)
  • WicelowWicelow992,587
    Posted on 09 November 19 at 09:47Permalink
    The Outer Worlds like everyone else :)
    Eat. Play. Love.
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