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    Please use this thread to discuss the Fractured Minds walkthrough
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    You need to hit the ready for review button on the walkthrough details page.
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  • Posted on 14 November 19 at 23:16, Edited on 14 November 19 at 23:19 by ComicalCupcakePermalink
    This is the only section I have access to and it doesn't look like yours. It's unusually blank as well. https://imgur.com/upGVJFj

    Nevermind, I found the "manage walkthroughs" in the menu. Apologies, this is my first one. redface
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    You beat me to writing this!
    If you fancy, I took a screenshot of the monster that needs to be found in Chapter 4, feel free to use it (I know it's obvious once you see it though).

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