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    Posted on 14 November 19 at 17:44
    Please use this thread to discuss the Fractured Minds walkthrough
  • Posted on 14 November 19 at 19:40
    You need to hit the ready for review button on the walkthrough details page.
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  • MellowMutinyMellowMutiny259,549
    Posted on 14 November 19 at 23:16, Edited on 14 November 19 at 23:19 by MellowMutiny
    This is the only section I have access to and it doesn't look like yours. It's unusually blank as well. https://imgur.com/upGVJFj

    Nevermind, I found the "manage walkthroughs" in the menu. Apologies, this is my first one. redface
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  • Posted on 17 November 19 at 21:36
    You beat me to writing this!
    If you fancy, I took a screenshot of the monster that needs to be found in Chapter 4, feel free to use it (I know it's obvious once you see it though).

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  • DanAskerDanAsker336,238
    Posted on 06 December 20 at 15:28
    could you amend the chapter 6 notes to make it clearer that you need to turn the valve furthest away (but on the same side) from the moving monster, they do not break otherwise unless by chance they are the correct valve when you turn it.
  • GnemlockGnemlock253,235
    Posted on 20 April 21 at 02:58, Edited on 20 April 21 at 09:04 by Gnemlock
    Hey. Great walkthrough. I just wanted to provide some feedback, as I found parts of it confusing.

    - For Chapter One, you have to manually try the door, before the keys spawn.

    - For the "Do you need me to hold your hand" achievement, I was confused by the wording 'walk ahead of you .. until the game stops you'. I have confirmed that you don't actually need to walk anywhere. The monster automatically spawns, and you only need to walk up to them. In the mean time, you can complete the puzzle to open the chained alley.

    - In Chapter Five, you say there are two ways to complete the level, but you only appear to detail one. The player can also immediately enter the alarm code to continue, without having to wait for and avoid the red lights.

    - It looks like someone else has also raised this one; in Chapter Six, just turning each valve three times does not actually do anything. You need to trigger each boiler while the monster is on top of it. Doing this for all four defeats the monster, and opens up the passage back to the heart.

    Awesome walkthrough, though. I kept it open as a reference to make sure I didn't miss the missable achievements. Really glad I didn't miss this game before it was removed from Game Pass.
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