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How do u unlock the bedroom help ?

  • Posted on 20 November 19 at 19:35Permalink
    Hi how do i unlock the bed room level ? as when i goto level select and choose it there is a Padlock sign that means it's locked and i cant play it.Im not talking about the bed room (NIGHT) Thank you.
  • BryanRPhBryanRPh377,233
    Posted on 20 November 19 at 21:10Permalink
    Are you talking about passenger mode? If so, you need to complete several (maybe 7 or 8?) objectives on the first level before the 2nd one unlocks
  • Posted on 20 November 19 at 22:11Permalink
    passenger mode is also locked for me sorry

    what 7 or 8 objectives ?
  • Posted on 20 November 19 at 22:14Permalink
    i got few Achievements below.
    complete first passenger mode
    Deliver first passenger to destination
    Pull the whistle
    place 20 objects
  • scotwolf2scotwolf21,043,020
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 18:03Permalink
    as far as I know if you've done the Pancakes Achievement then you must have been in the bedroom?
    when you press the start button are you able to click on all the locations(via level select). this gets you Transcontinental railway achievement.

    I would check if you have more than one save, as you can save more or less at any point and can have several saves.

    on the level select screen you should also be able to pick free play or passenger.

    there are two levels where you need to deliver several groups of passengers to stations. this makes for some interesting layouts trying to reach them.
    modern apartment and bedroom are the two locations
    keep going dropping off passengers till you get notification you've completed objectives.

    hope this helps
    P.S just seen couple good video guides on TA now.
    looks like they've been added to nearly all achievements and give full 1000g details
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