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Xbox Black Friday Sale 2019: Xbox One and Windows Games, Bundles and DLC

  • Posted on 21 November 19 at 13:38
    I wanted Sekiro and Control, but I was expecting bigger discounts. I'll keep waiting and probably just get the Naruto bundle instead.
  • GepardsGepards108,636
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 13:41
    some nice deals, but nothing particulary for me. this year hope for PS or STEAM deals
  • pezboybenpezboyben722,142
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 14:07
    At first glance nothing really stands out to me. I'm interested in Control but was hoping for a better discount. Tons of these games are on gamepass which is annoying, but I do understand gamepass games are not owned.
  • Posted on 21 November 19 at 14:23
    Well...I’ll be getting Castlevania collection at least, most likely nothing else, I either own everything already or it’s on GamePass...shame, was hoping for Jurassic World Evolution and it’s DLC or One Piece World Seeker DLC separate from the deluxe edition, maybe it is just not listed idk
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 14:29
    Trove and Apex Legends take up 95% of my time, so nothing for me until I play the games I already have.
  • Rap1dSkiLlZzRap1dSkiLlZz239,492
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 14:30
    Can anyone recommend any of the games that are good coop/multiplayer games. theres 3 of us so its a tad annoying!

    pm me if possible. thanks!!
  • Segendary TySegendary Ty657,403
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 14:32, Edited on 21 November 19 at 14:33 by Segendary Ty
    WhySoSeri0usXxX said:
    Is this an Black Friday 2018 copy? Always the same prices...
    I thought the same thing

    HUN playmore said:
    Does the AC Odyssey Ultimate Edition worth it? It seems the Gold Ed has everything achievement related.
    Nope, just has cosmetic things. The Gold ed isn't even worth it. Whole AC Ody + DLC I wouldn't pay more than €25
  • Posted on 21 November 19 at 14:37
    Sensei Neo said:
    Anyone know if Gold deals work with a 48 hour trial code?
    yep. it works.
  • Sipuli91Sipuli91513,318
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 14:49
    Nothing for me. Honestly, I don't get why they never have DLC sales for 360 games anymore. I have so much DLC I need for ny 360 library but I won't buy like 95% of it since it's never on sale anymore.
  • Quantium GQuantium G139,363
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 15:14
    Wow. Just wow. I mean, not that there's anything new recently that's good anyways, but this is just sad. Absolutely nothing besides maybe Contra Collection. Last year was HUGE, this is garbage. All the same stuff.
  • SheBeatsYouSheBeatsYou298,007
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 15:20
    Well, At least I can finally get Mad Max and Little Nightmares.

    The few things on my wish list are either absent or not really a decent sale. Good thing iv got 300 games to finish while I wait for better price points LOL
  • oMikeoMike574,640
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 15:20
    I may be missing it but does anyone know when the sale ends?

    There are a fair few i want but payday isn't for another week cry
  • V3ntilatorV3ntilator190,471
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 15:21
    Getting Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

    Too bad Syndicate for 360 is still expensive on sale.
  • smakzillaasmakzillaa719,154
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 15:35
    Trying to decide between Devil May Cry 5 or SAO Fatal Bullet

    I'm leaning toward Devil May Cry, but Fatal Bullet looks interesting... any opinions?
  • GerbasgamerGerbasgamer1,582,908
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 15:45
    Nope, nothing for me.
    Reason 1: I already own it
    Reason 2: Either already in Game Pass or very likely to be included in the near future (looking at you Soul Calibur VI, Injustice 2 and Project Cars 2)
    Reason 3: Still too expensive
  • Kyk3 StylesKyk3 Styles434,083
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 15:55
    I think it will be my first year where my wallet will be safelaugh
  • Posted on 21 November 19 at 15:55
    Does Forza Horizon 4 have any difficult achievements?

    Anyway, some good things on sale here. Time to put those saved up Bing points to good use.
  • Posted on 21 November 19 at 16:13
    I think I'm going to pass. Game pass that is. I've got too many games on the go and so many I haven't even started. The only game I was excited and waiting to find on sale is Wreckfest-which seems to have gone up in price even though it says 20% off. I'm sure I can get that cheaper elsewhere.
  • SeitzzSeitzz989,720
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 16:25
    Time to dig in!
  • Posted on 21 November 19 at 16:26
    I had a $50 Xbox gift card I was going to cash in for this, not now. A bunch of games I want but the prices aren’t that good. I might get NBA playgrounds 2, I think that’s the cheapest price I’ve seen for it.

    Might end up picking up the new Star Wars game instead of this.
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