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Xbox Black Friday Sale 2019: Xbox One and Windows Games, Bundles and DLC

  • brad8158brad8158596,038
    Posted on 25 November 19 at 17:59
    Every game I buy always ends up on game pass 🙄
  • Sky ManiacSky Maniac926,190
    Posted on 28 November 19 at 02:04
    the gold edition of AC: Odyssey is a great price - full game + season pass + AC3 Remaster for £28
  • Posted on 28 November 19 at 20:03
    Control is on sale right now for $25 at Gamestop! Bundle it with the B2G1 free sale they're doing and that gets dropped down to a measly ~$16.50!
  • SeitzzSeitzz1,114,760
    Posted on 01 December 19 at 22:20
    Well, since I just made the move to get a new pc that I could also use for gaming, decided to come back and grab Wolfenstein II PC for $24 with all the DLC. Pretty solid deal. Also grab Sunset Overdrive Deluxe for $12 with all DLC too. Then just grabbed Prison Architect DLC for $4 to qualify for the $40 spend and 5k MS points.
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