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  • EDMath2488EDMath2488128,942
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 13:36Permalink
    I recently logged on, (I hadn't logged in about 4 or 5 months) and saw that I'd been reported for cheating and that an investigation had been launched. There was a 7 day period allowed for response.

    I don't know what was referenced as cheating or what they found, but the investigation upheld the report and my account's stat tracking had been disabled.

    My account had not updated any achievements I've unlocked since almost 2 years ago. I thought maybe that was related. Thus, I submitted an appeal that respectfully requested that my achievements still update but the rest of stat tracking remain disabled, because I am not particularly concerned with my place among the leaderboards. While I still contest the accusation of cheating, it's not that important to me. After some digging, I realized that the achievements weren't updating because of the privacy settings on my profile.

    In light of being a technologically challenged idiot, I just would like to withdraw my appeal, because I don't want to waste anyone's time since my issue is fixed. Thanks!
  • EDMath2488EDMath2488128,942
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 13:37Permalink
    I posted here because I didn't know who to message, and I couldn't open my appeal request.
  • TangerineGamerTangerineGamer1,072,260
    Posted on 21 November 19 at 16:06Permalink
    The Investigations team will more than likely see it here and respond to you in private, but for anyone looking in the future you can contact the Investigations Manager at this link:

    PM Investigations Manager
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