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Xbox Black Friday Sale 2019: Discounts on Xbox 360 Games and DLC

  • Posted on 23 November 19 at 03:58
    ClassierPompano said:
    TwistedTB said:
    I miss the backwards compatibility program, I hope they bring it back eventually. So many good games from the 360 still need to come to the One. Some of these sales would be tempting if the game was BC.
    They are going to start it up again and add new titles when Scarlett comes out. Any new titles however most likely only work on Scarlett. That's why they are using the time to make everything already there work on the new system.
    Not calling you a liar or anything because I was hoping they would but where did they talk about this? Did I miss Phil Spencer saying it somewhere?
  • Just SweezyJust Sweezy711,541
    Posted on 23 November 19 at 16:36
    Brothers in Arms is not in sale for me
  • CenosisCenosis297,884
    Posted on 24 November 19 at 10:42
    I became a gold member for $1 and just picked up eleven games! dive
    I totally made out like a bandit, I was finally able to pick up Faery: LoA for a buck fifty too! :D
  • JMJimmyJMJimmy626,625
    Posted on 24 November 19 at 19:35
    Same tired sales that have been running for the past decade

    Kinda glad I let my gold expire
    Life, it's funny that way.
  • halohogghalohogg120,735
    Posted on 24 November 19 at 21:32
    There’s a few good nuggets in there.
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