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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Walkthrough Discussion

  • Posted on 21 November 19 at 17:21Permalink
    Please use this thread to discuss the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order walkthrough
  • cosmologyxcosmologyx835,783
    Posted on 13 December 19 at 20:36Permalink
    Is this 100% done? Any idea when it'll be published then if so! Thanks!
  • Posted on 14 December 19 at 16:44Permalink
    I've finished the review process, and have passed along to another manager for final publication. The content is good.
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    Looking forward to running through this walkthrough, thanks for work on it FreeEdgar!
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    On page 4 in the first tomb at the very end of the tomb is says, “ Before leaving however, return to the room with the large wind tunnel. Instead of using the wind to jump across as we did before, turn to the left and use push to throw one of the skungus into a breakable wall. Go inside to achieve full exploration of the Tomb of Eilram, and you are now free to leave.“ I can not find or figure out where this is, at no point in the preceding paragraph did you describe a room with a wind tunnel but then say to go back to this room. Where and how do I get back to this area once I’m at the exit to go back up out of he tomb. You don’t describe how to get back there outside of saying the wind tunnel room, which as stated is not used in your descriptions of the previous rooms. You do mention various areas that have wind obviously but never noting which specific one it is. Maybe even revise the section of whenever we first get to whatever area it is tell us to make a note of it bc we’ll be back by the end. Any help would be much appreciated. toast
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