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Any methods for solo horde?

  • K1LL3R BEEZK1LL3R BEEZ649,894
    Posted on 23 November 19 at 08:21
    Curious to know if there are any strats for solo horde out there that I can use to take advantage of the 4x character XP this weekend. I don't really have the time to join a session to do waves 46-50 with a group. Plus all my characters are low level (Level 5 Marcus is my highest).
  • PankerizatePankerizate262,689 262,689 GamerScore
    Posted on 23 November 19 at 12:03
    Search for custom games, there's no need to join sessions anymore
    Ty to get into a game on waves 20+ and advanced diff
  • neeker75neeker751,405,576
    Posted on 25 November 19 at 01:15
    I did solo from 46-50 on Beginner with Del (I was leveling him). Sometimes I died a few times en route, sometimes I perfected it through. On Saturday, my friend was in the same squad with me, making it easier (more power from the start for Del to build more sentries while we camp at spawn). Most times, someone will join to help out to quicken things a bit (I left the lobby on visible). You'll get 2,5K to 3K+ XP per run.

    I managed to go from Level 4 to Level 15 over the 4x weekend playing just a few hours. I didn't have time for the other characters but at least I unlocked an achievement.

    Here's to 10x XP for Horde and Master in the near future. laugh
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